Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A few cool updates...

Hello Internet how goes it?

I've been keeping busy of the past few months getting involved in some pretty neat projects and the payoff should be just around the corner, namely some lovely releases!

First off, our good old friends the Seahawks are on the brink of publishing and album featuring yours truly after some severe low-fi messing. Think decades of reverb and mind bending delays and you're still nowhere near how awesomely sonically massive these tracks are. The guitar/vocoder/sop sax mashing in 2 tracks has paid off particularly well.

Secondly, Bristol based guitarist extraordinaire Graham Rutherford has either put together a fat EP or skinny LP depending on your moral bent and in our debut as the Badcore Horns (mercenary brass section for hire) myself and the rather capable Simon 'Peacekid' Dobson stepped up to the plate and jazzed all over the place. After selling his prize guitar to fund the project, it'll be pressed into the black stuff in a month or so and hopefully we'll hear how the hard work paid off!

Details on the releases will be posted as soon as confirmation is recieved!

Other things to keep your ears peeled for are further appearances from The Badcore Horns once we've locked down 5 players we're happy to take to the studio for demo recording and a possible new sax vs DJ residency up in Exeter to keep the students entertained of a week night!

That's all for now though. More soon.

Peace and tooting.