Sunday, 5 February 2012

Hey hey,

New year is well under way and things are a-changing down in Cornish land. The DH base of operations has moved and I'm now set up with a new studio space that won't suffer as much from the changeable weather conditions in this lovely part of the world. The new site design is ready to upload, just need a spare hour to transfer the files across!

I'm about to head out and record some new demo tracks for the Mala Jazz Duo and will return with some lovely new material to get things going as well as then being able to finalise everything else. Maybe upload some  cool pictures too.

Anyway, just for fun, check out these two groups. I'm all about seeing bands use studio sounding technology in a live environment and these guys are a perfect example.

Caravan palace are a group of French electro-swingers, getting the balance of old school samples and dirty synths. Awesome stuff. Check this video out here.

There would be a picture here, but Blogger deemed it too much of an effort, so pictureless I shall venture forth to Hidden Orchestra. UK based and awesome, these guys have loads of different session players in on top of their MPC/double drummers setup and make some great sample sounding tunes. Listen to Wandering here.