Sunday, 2 September 2012

August Roundup: More releases, Videos and Sessions

As usual in the life of a working muso things come in waves. Sometimes ups, sometimes downs. Between the biggies you usually find yourself kicking around trying to plan for new projects, work on some current things you should have thought about sooner and grinding out a living with the regular stuff that pays the bills. However the ups usually make up for all the waiting and make you love your profession again and August has been pretty good as far as that goes...

So first up our old favourites the Seahawks have just released their next album 'Aqua Disco' with yours truly on woodwind and faithful music compadre, Alik Peters getting chordal with it. I've shown some pictures of the process on some earlier blogs and now you can hear/own it for yourself. If you like mellow swirlies and vintage beats have a look on Piccadilly Records and grab a copy.

Next are those Bristol based jazz junkies, Jag Harps and after our well documented trip to Real World Studios a few months ago to record the headline track 'New York', we finally have the video back from the shop for all to see. Check out the bunch of talented chaps I'm lucky enough to hang with and watch out for some one take wonder-soloing towards the end. Must say I was totally bricking it during filming but forced myself to keep it below the surface 'till the end.

The Badcore Horns, horn section for hire, were out once again in duo form with founder members, myself and comrade in arms Si Dobson down at Middle Farm Studios in Devon. Under the watchful eye of Pete Miles, we spanked some chunky brass lines out over the massive tunes of London based hiphop group Granville Sessions. They're not quite mainstream yet, but by Gods they should be and I highly recommend you have a listen to the material they have out at the moment.

If that was enough to whet your whistle then check back soon and I'll update the blog when their new stuff is released. Also, the Lena Smith Band in Plymouth have booked us in to record on their album soon at Beliefspace Studios so more on that too!

Freshly Squeezed are still cracking out the funk too. We're currently working on some actual real material of our own but it's sill a way off from performance yet. Until then we'll stay funky and most definitely orange.

I'll leave you with a photo of us recently looking our best and strutting our stuff.

Until next time...


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