Sunday, 17 October 2010


So, first post and all....

DHC is just about up and running and I saw a blog as a the best way to add some dynamic online content to the business and keep track of progress. Dan Hillman Creative is a little idea of mine started this year to help me bring together my design and music into one big lovely chunk of media creativity. It's like Ben and Jerry's ice cream with all the different yummy things making up an even yummier whole, but instead of stuffing mouths I'll be gently prodding the eyes and ears of anyone foolish enough to venture further.

I have several interesting projects underway and I hope to be able to share them soon. On the art front, I have been improving my work on vector graphics due to their versatile nature and clean look that I hope will take my design in some new directions, allowing the use of hand drawing and scanning.  It gives you a far more personal edge when getting creative, but lovers of trees would probably prefer it if I shelled out on a tablet interface instead!

The music side of things sees some new ideas for my album that hopefully won't take too long to flourish into some more of the same chilled-out loveliness already available to hear here. Also I'm tweaking 4 dirty tracks for the funk band to get stuck into and with any luck you may hear them if you're out and about in Plymouth or the surrounding areas in the coming months. As well as trying to set up a few small projects, (unnamed as of yet,) I have been enjoyed playing with myself (tee hee hee) in some live looping sessions at our studio. What began as an excuse to test out and get to grips with my live FX rig I use with the sax at gigs suddenly became a bit of an addiction last week and once I finish synching the audio with the video I can post up the results of the first few tries.

Anyway, I'll leave it there as too much writing without much shiny media will probably bore net junkies and artsy types to tears, but if you can bear to wait, it might just be worthwhile...

Dan H.

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