Sunday, 24 October 2010

New YouTube videos!

Good day one and all...

So here it is, my first post with an actual bit of musical content, huzzah! I've just uploaded 3 videos to my YouTube channel for the eyes and ears of the viewing public.

They are examples of my work on live looping that I've been working on for a little while. Using Ambiloop:
Ambiloop with my custom skin.

It's a free piece of kit you can download online if you search for it, supporting 8 individually controllable tracks that can be overlayed, multiplied, divided and edited on the fly to an almost infinite degree and a fully customisable interface, this means you can map every control to a keystroke or MIDI action. Pretty good for homebrew gear only a few megs in size!

The nice effects are courtesy of the pedalboard I put together for live performances. While there are still some teething troubles with the live side of things, controlled environments like my studio are a great place to mess around without foldback interference!

I'm running the pedals from an FX send of a smaller floor mounted desk to keep the mic level up and not interfere with the clean signal.

The first incarnation of the board. It's a lot tidier now...and blacker.
 For delay I use a Boss DD-7 with tap tempo pedal sporting variable delay times of up to 60 seconds that can be infinitely overlayed for a cheap loop effect, analogue tape delay, modulation and reverse delay effects too.

Envelope filter wah comes from an Electro Harmonix Q-Tron which is a major feedback hazard, but is great when you get the drive and Q settings right.

Lastly, and my personal favourite is the Electro Harmonix POG. It's an octaver that spits out the octave above and below your actual note as well as the note itself. Their volumes are all independantly adjustable, allowing you to pull out your own note from the mix and just give out booming bass or screaming high notes! Hard to find on the high street and quite expensive, but worth every penny.

Once again, check out the videos on my YouTube channel and see what you think. It's still early days and once I get more comfortable with the interface and all the instrument swapping things should be a bit slicker.

Good night.


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